• 47: Thomas Fluharty - Painting with Purpose.

    Thomas Fluharty is an editorial and storyboard artist who's work has appeared on the covers of Time, Mad, U.S. News & World Report, the Village Voice, ....just to name a few. When he isn't under tight dealines you can find him creating a body of work purely for the enjoyment of others, focusing on what he loves; pop icons, sharks or whatever else happens to move him. 

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    Hey Creatives! Sean O'Daniels here, founder and host of Creative Trek.  As an artist, pursuing a creative career is not easy. We wrestle with highs and lows in our quest to master our craft, find our voice and create art that will move others. Overcoming obstacles of our ambition requires the highest level of creative discipline and inspiration. Join me in discovering the stories and insights behind today's top creative professionals.  Whatever your new venture may be, Creative Trek is here to help you thrive and make your mark!

    - O'D


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